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The Whoopee Cushion is an in-game item.


The Whoopee Cushion is the only item thus far tied to an achievement - Pull My FingerNot available on PS4. With the cushion equipped on your handlebar, press the horn button and your biker will emit fart sounds. Do that 200 times for the achievement.

Because of its rarity, it is also a difficult item to obtain.

How to obtain

  • The Whoopee Cushion is an extraordinary-tier item.
    • An extraordinary item, with a purple background, requires 50k Reputation (henceforth shortened to 'rep') in a run for a 20% chance, up to 250k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance, to obtain.
    • An extraordinary item can be earned by completing a challenge from either The Liquicity Pro Tour or The RageSquid Pro Tour.
  • Because there are a large number of Extraordinaries (68, to be precise), it can take an inordinate amount of time before you can acquire the cushion.