Descenders Wiki

Tricks are a feature of Descenders.

There are 5 types of tricks that can be done by pressing C (on keyboard), LB (on Xbox controller), L1 (on PlayStation controller), or L (on the Nintendo Switch), and then pressing the directional keys/moving the controller's right analogue stick - the directions listed indicate the direction in which to press the key/move the stick. These vary based on the bike used.

Type Up Up + Left/Right Left/Right Down + Left/Right Down
Enduro/Downhill No Hander Tabletop Nac Nac Can Can Superman
Hardtail Tuck No Hander Tabletop Barspin Tailwhip Superman Seatgrab

Other Tricks

These are the standard tricks that are executed by leaning forward or backward in midair, or by tweaking the bike. The relevant bindings for all control schemes can be seen here.

Executing more than one front/backflip in a single trick prepends "Double/Triple/etc." to the trick name. At 10 or more, the game prepends "h!gh voltage" to the trick name instead.

Some Achievements require you to land a combination of these in Career or Career-Plus. Specifically, these are Every Axis, Flipping Heck, and Getting Dizzy.

Type Up Left/Right Down Tweak
All Frontflip 180/360/540/720/etc. Backflip Tweaked


  • The Tabletop trick is a replacement for the Candy Bar trick. On the PC version, the Candy Bar trick was replaced on October 28, 2020.
  • A h!gh voltage frontflip/backflip is a nod to the legendary h!gh voltage.