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Tricks are a feature of Descenders.

There are 5 types of tricks that can be done by pressing C (on keyboard), LB (on Xbox controller), L1 (on PlayStation controller), or L (on the Nintendo Switch), and then pressing the directional keys/moving the controller's right analogue stick - the directions listed indicate the direction in which to press the key/move the stick. These vary based on the bike used.

Type Up Up + Left/Right Left/Right Down + Left/Right Down
Enduro/Downhill No Hander Tabletop Nac Nac Can Can Superman
Hardtail Tuck No Hander Tabletop Barspin Tailwhip Superman Seatgrab


  • The Tabletop trick is a replacement for the Candy Bar trick. On the PC version, the Candy Bar trick was replaced on October 28, 2020.

More Tricks[]

Other tricks are pressing Shift key or any directional key which are used.

Type Up Left/Right Down Pressing Shift
All Frontflip 180/360/540/720 Backflip Tweaked