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Team Skins used to be unlocked in the following manner. This is preserved for archival purposes; for the current method of unlocking Team Skins, see Items.

When you first rank up at 1,000 rep, you will be asked to pick a team. When that happens, you will immediately get the community equipment set and the first set of rank-related cosmetics. As you continue to rank up, you will get more skins for your team, with the last unlock at Master 1 (1,000,000 Rep).

Rank Rep Slot Kinetic Enemy Arboreal
Novice 4 1000 Jersey Icon 30.tex.jpg Icon 101.tex.jpg Icon 87.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 33.tex.jpg Icon 104.tex.jpg Icon 90.tex.jpg
Novice 3 5000 Pants Icon 36.tex.jpg Icon 107.tex.jpg Icon 76.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 40.tex.jpg Icon 59.tex.jpg Icon 78.tex.jpg
Novice 2 15000 Goggles Icon 23.tex.jpg Icon 95.tex.jpg Icon 81.tex.jpg
Novice 1 30000 Helmet Icon 27.tex.jpg Icon 98.tex.jpg Icon 84.tex.jpg
Pro 4 50000 Jersey Icon 31.tex.jpg Icon 102.tex.jpg Icon 88.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 34.tex.jpg Icon 105.tex.jpg Icon 75.tex.jpg
Pro 3 80000 Pants Icon 37.tex.jpg Icon 108.tex.jpg Icon 77.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 41.tex.jpg Icon 60.tex.jpg Icon 79.tex.jpg
Pro 2 125000 Goggles Icon 24.tex.jpg Icon 96.tex.jpg Icon 82.tex.jpg
Pro 1 180000 Helmet Icon 28.tex.jpg Icon 99.tex.jpg Icon 85.tex.jpg
Master 4 250000 Jersey Icon 32.tex.jpg Icon 100.tex.jpg Icon 86.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 35.tex.jpg Icon 103.tex.jpg Icon 89.tex.jpg
Master 3 350000 Pants Icon 38.tex.jpg Icon 106.tex.jpg Icon 91.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 42.tex.jpg Icon 61.tex.jpg Icon 67.tex.jpg
Master 2 500000 Goggles Icon 25.tex.jpg Icon 43.tex.jpg Icon 80.tex.jpg
Master 1 1000000 Helmet Icon 29.tex.jpg Icon 97.tex.jpg Icon 83.tex.jpg