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== Current projects ==
In addition to the usual wiki maintenance tasks at [[Special:SpecialPages]], these are some of the more pressing matters that the Wiki is currently in need of.
=== Missing information ===
====Career Plus====
The [[Career-Plus]] regions ([[Desert]], [[Jungle]], [[Favela]] and [[Glaciers]]) are in need of a list of tricks, obstacles, and the number of points gained from each, as well as images for all of these.
For an example on how to format each section, see the [[Highlands]] page. As far as images are concerned, the filename is not too important, but it should be of a decently large size (1280x720 is okay). Use either Nvidia Ansel (press Alt + F2 in-game, and only for those with Nvidia graphics cards and GeForce Experience) or the Replay Mode with the game set to maximum quality settings and snap away, ensuring that the rider is not in view.
For boss jumps, provide multiple angles of the jump and the approach ramp (if any), as well as any fire ring variants. If you're only able to provide the images, upload them and then leave a note on [[User talk:K3W3L|my talk page]].
=== Useful, but not necessary ===
====Combined Items Table====
Although the [[Items]] page is already very comprehensive, all the items are separated by rarity, making some things hard to find. I have been entertaining the idea of making a giant table where you can sort items by name, rarity, team, manufacturer, etc.
If you are willing to undertake this task, register an account with Gamepedia, go to <nowiki></nowiki> (replacing USERNAME with your own username) and create a Sandbox page to play around with the table. Drop me a note on [[User talk:K3W3L|my talk page]] if you'd like me to have a look at anything you've come up with.
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