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The soundtrack of Descenders is a list of songs licensed from the Dutch liquid drum and bass label Liquicity.

While each zone has a few songs designated specifically for the zone, there is a Shuffle option in the options menu that shuffles every single song in this list (meaning it is possible for Bandit to be playing in the Peaks).

The songs that are played in the Hub are only played if the player is not in the middle of a session; else, if the player has selected the Hub (Mt. Palumbo) in Freeride or a Casual Lobby session, the soundtrack played in the Highlands and Favelas will play.

Song Artist Album Location
Memoirs VIP (Instrumental) Rameses B Escapism 2 Hub
Once Upon A Time Rameses B Escapism Hub
A Place To Belong Monrroe Time For A Change EP Hub
Youniverse Modest Intentions Youniverse EP Hub
Bandit Woody Galaxy Of Dreams 1 Highlands, Favela
Unreal (ft. Ayve) T & Sugah Alchemy Highlands, Favela
A Million Colours Shiny Radio Escapism 4 Highlands, Favela
Kings & Queens Maduk Believe EP Highlands, Favela
Levitate Maduk Avalon EP Highlands, Favela
Lose Control Seba Escapism 2 Highlands, Favela
Sun Futuristik Alchemy 2 Highlands, Volcano, Favela, Ridges
Station Six Dualistic Escapism 4 Forest, Desert
Fallen Leaves Raise Spirit Alchemy 2 Forest, Desert
Dawning (Instrumental) Monrroe Alchemy Forest, Desert
Dreamcatcher (ft. Ella) Edlan Alchemy 2 Forest, Desert
Ghost Assassin VIP (Instrumental) Maduk Memoirs Forest, Desert
Believe (ft. Hebe Vrijhof) Maduk Believe EP Forest, Desert
Colorless Flite Galaxy of Dreams 2 Forest
For The Fire (Instrumental) Feint Galaxy of Dreams 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
We Are One (ft. Veela) Rameses B Alchemy 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
Green Valleys (Original Mix) (ft. Ayve) T & Sugah Alchemy Canyon, Jungle
Red Ink Vandera Red Ink / Heart's Rhythm Canyon, Jungle
Lost On My Own T & Sugah x Zazu Alchemy 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
Glow Worm Actraiser Escapism 4 Peaks, Glaciers
Be Still Flite The Cure EP Peaks, Glaciers
Stranded Rameses B Escapism 4 Peaks, Volcano, Glaciers, Ridges
Paper Booklet Pola & Bryson Escapism 3 Peaks, Glaciers
Save Yourself Nelver Escapism 4 Peaks, Glaciers
Descenders T & Sugah - Credits
City Needs Sleep (Fox Stevenson Remix) Priority One & Twothirds Alchemy ???

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