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A Seed is a number string used to procedurally generate the node that you ride your bike in.

The seed of any level can be seen by pausing the game and checking the bottom right corner of the game window. From there, this seed can be saved and then played again via Freeride mode.


Each digit in a seed specifies a specific parameter in the level when generating.

  • The first leftmost digit (or two leftmost digits) specifies the environment that the player bikes in. 0 is invalid.
    • For Career, 1 represents Highlands, 2 represents Forest, 3 represents Canyon, 4 represents Peaks, and 5 represents Volcano.
      • You cannot play Volcano seeds until you have completed the Volcano boss jump in a normal run.
    • For Career-Plus, 6 represents Desert, 7 represents Jungle, 8 represents Favela, 9 represents Glaciers, and 11 represents Ridges.
      • You cannot play Ridges seeds until you have completed the Ridges boss jump in a normal run.
    • Outside of Career and Career-Plus, 10 represents one of the many Bonus Worlds.
      • If the first two digits are 10, then there are only two more digits to take into acount. The valid range of digits is from 01 to 29 currently, but this may be expanded upwards in future updates. Refer to the aforementioned Bonus Worlds page to see what each set of digits corresponds to.

If the first digit(s) are 1-9, or 11, then the seed will be 11 digits (or 12 digits, in the case of the latter) long. The remaining digits set parameters as follows. For ease of explanation, treat '11' as a single digit. From left to right:

  • The second digit specifies the kind of gameplay you can expect to find in the node. 0 represents a normal node, 1 represents a boss jump node, 2 represents a no-path node, and 3 represents a fire ring boss jump node. Any other digit is invalid.
  • The third digit specifies the visual environment of the node. 0 represents a normal node, 1 represents nighttime, 2 represents dusk, and 3 represents stormy conditions. Any other digit is invalid.
  • The fourth digit specifies the steepness of the node, and can range from 0 to 8.
  • The fifth digit specifies the curviness of the node, and can range from 0 to 8.
  • The sixth digit specifies the stunt density of the node, and can range from 0 to 8.
    • Having any of the fourth to sixth digits be a 9 will force a node with an 8-8-8 generation.
  • The last five digits of the seed acts as the seed number from which the level is generated.

Crew Members

It is also possible to introduce up to 7 specific crew members into the level generation. These are as follows:

Crew Member Number
Wider Path 1
Extra Steepness 2
Extra Stunts 4
Less Curves 8
Less Obstacles 16
More Checkpoints 32
Smoother Curves 64

To introduce these crew members into the seed generation, add up the numbers associated with the crew members that you want, and then append a hyphen and the resultant number at the end of your seed. For example, if you want to generate a Peaks level with a wider path, less curves, and smoother curves, add up 1, 8, and 64 to get 73, then append it to the end of the seed as follows: 40080031337-73.

There must be no spaces anywhere in the seed. There must be no space in between the main seed portion and the hyphen, and the crew members portion and the hyphen.

Effect of Crew Members on seed generation

All of the above crew members have some effect on the terrain generation, but while (almost) every listed crew member will cause the decorations and obstacles off-path to move or change, not all of them affect the actual shape of the generated path.

  • Wider Path does exactly what the name says, making the path noticeably wider and makes the berms a lot higher, making it a lot easier to stay on track on sharp turns. While it may result in obstacles or decorations (e.g. trees) along the path being moved, the shape of the track itself remains unchanged.
  • Extra Steepness seems to have absolutely no effect on the track shape, nor the decoration. In fact, the only effect it seems to have on the seeds is slightly "stretching" upwards to make it steeper.
  • Extra Stunts does not affect the shape of the path, but it does increase the likelihood of a stunt, such as a ramp or a mini-boss jump, to generate along the path.
  • Less Curves generates a path with the amount of curves reduced by 1 compared to one determined by the seed (a 8-8-8 setup becomes 8-7-8, e.g. seed 70088800000-8 is the exact copy of 70087800000). Less Curves on a seed with 0 curves will further reduce the number of curves one can encounter along the track.
  • Less Obstacles removes some of the decorations and obstacles such as trees, boulders or hay bales along the track. While it doesn't remove them completely, it reduces the likelihood of you running into one.
  • More Checkpoints doesn't affect the shape of the path nor terrain, simply increasing the likelihood of a checkpoint being placed along it. While it usually results in a larger number of checkpoints along the path, it does not guarantee there will always be at least one. It's possible to generate a track with no checkpoints at all, even with the crew member.
  • Smoother Curves changes the shape of the path, specifically by smoothening out the curves. Essentially it stretches out really sharp turns while having close to no effect on wider turns. It notably reduces the likelihood of generating a Chimera Seed.

Screenshot examples of effect of Crew on the path on a fire node seed in Jungle.

Chimera Seeds

Occasionally, the procedural generation causes the path to curve very sharply enough for the path to run through or cross itself. Anything from the track running parallel to itself, and the edges of the paths meeting, to the track crossing itself multiple times in the same seed is considered a Chimera Seed. Their rarity varies greatly between the environments. To date no such seeds were found in Canyon, Peaks, Volcano, Desert, and Favela. While Chimera Seeds rarely generate in Highlands, Jungle, and Glaciers, they are surprisingly frequent in Forest. There are even cases where paths cross themselves multiple times in one place, sometimes resulting in ramps and berms clipping through one another. To date, only one Chimera seed has been found in Ridges.

  • Chimera Seeds are more likely to generate on seeds with a lot of curves - the vast majority of the seeds found by the community were found on Fire Nodes.
  • Wider Path remotely increases the likelihood of paths crossing due to the increased width of the path and bigger berms, especially on sharp turns.
  • Smoother Curves smoothens out sharp turns, reducing the chance of encountering such seeds.
  • It's difficult to determine what exactly causes the path to cross itself. There are many seeds with max curves where the path doesn't get anywhere near itself, yet there were cases where it happened on a 4-4-4 basic setup.

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