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Ridges is the secret fifth region in Descenders' Career-Plus mode, added to the game on October 29, 2020.

The Ridges feature lots of, well, ridges, and lush green scenery, mixed with foggy atmosphere. The trails are very, very, narrow, leaving little margin for error.

Completing the Boss Track in the Ridges will conclude the player's run. There is no shortcut to the region, so the only way to play levels from the region is to reach the region in career-plus session, or beat the boss jump and then generate levels in Freeride mode.

How to reach[]

The Ridges cannot be entered by just beating Glaciers; rather, there are special requirements to complete during a run in order to reach the region. Details of these requirements are as below:

  • First, start a new run in the Desert and look for a special node called the Fire Node. This node will have a rating of 8-8-8 (Steepness-Curves-Stunts).
  • Then, complete this Fire Node and proceed to the boss jump as per normal. The boss jump will now have an additional fire ring. Successfully land the boss jump while going through the fire ring.
  • Repeat the steps above for Jungle, Favela, and Glaciers. If all of these are done within the same run, the player will immediately proceed to the Ridges upon completing the Glaciers fire ring boss jump.


These are the features (including start point, end point, and stunts) you can expect to see while roaming the Ridges.

Info Image
Start Point RidgesStart.png
End Point RidgesEnd.png


The Ridges notably do not have any mini-bosses associated with it.

Boss Jump[]

The Boss Jump will appear at the Boss Jump node. The player will have to successfully jump the Boss Jump and reach the end point, in order to complete their run.

Only one trick is associated with completing this Boss Jump:

  • Bluetooth Connected (600 points).


These songs will be played while in the Ridges.

Song Artist Album Location
For The Fire (Instrumental) Feint Galaxy of Dreams 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
Stranded Rameses B Escapism 4 Peaks, Volcano, Glaciers, Ridges
We Are One (ft. Veela) Rameses B Alchemy 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
Lost On My Own T & Sugah x Zazu Alchemy 2 Canyon, Volcano, Jungle, Ridges
Sun Futuristik Alchemy 2 Highlands, Volcano, Favela, Ridges