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Peaks is the fourth region in Descenders' Career mode.

Following the Canyon, the Peaks is one of the most difficult areas in the game, featuring a lot of difficult obstacles, and incredibly steep terrain.

Completing the Boss Track in the Peaks concludes the player's run. However, if the player has completed the fire nodes in all worlds from Highlands to Peaks, and then successfully jumped through the rings of fire at the boss jumps in these regions, all in the same run, then the player will proceed to the Volcano.


These are the features (including start point, end point, and stunts) you can expect to see while roaming the Peaks.

Info Image
Start Point Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.16 -
Descenders Screenshot 2018.02.19 -
Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -
Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -
Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -
End Point Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -


These are the Mini-bosses, which give a certain amount of points (indicated in brackets, and before multiplier is applied) when successfully completed.

Trick Names Image 1 Image 2
Burn (200), Is It A Bird (300), Sweet Spot (500) Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 - Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -
Apres Ski Party (150), It's Cold Up Here (400), Holy Staircase (1000) Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 - Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -
Spinebreaker (350) Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 - Descenders Screenshot 2018.03.05 -

Boss Jump[]

The Boss Jump will appear at the Boss Jump node. The player will have to successfully jump the Boss Jump and reach the end point, in order to complete their run (or to proceed to the Volcano should the requisite conditions be fulfilled).

There are 3 tricks associated with completing this Boss Jump:

  • Rampin' It Up (1000 points), attained by jumping up to the half-pipe,
    • This is not possible on the fire ring variant, as the half-pipe is removed.
  • Are You Insane!? (5000 points), attained by jumping over the helicopter holding the half-pipe in mid-air,
  • A True Descender (1500 points), attained by successfully completing the whole Boss Jump.


The Moon is a Bonus World in the Peaks that features a static moon base. In this node, the bonus objective is always to collect the 10 letters that spell DESCENDERS, but the node can be ended by driving through the typical finish gate. Notably, gravity is reduced on this node.

The moon is indicated on the map by a star, and is generally found on the outer edge of the map, opposite to the Boss Jump node, with some exceptions.

The moon has a static, fixed seed of 1004.


These songs will be played while in the Peaks.

Song Artist Album Location
Glow Worm Actraiser Escapism 4 Peaks, Glaciers
Be Still Flite The Cure EP Peaks, Glaciers
Stranded Rameses B Escapism 4 Peaks, Volcano, Glaciers, Ridges
Paper Booklet Pola & Bryson Escapism 3 Peaks, Glaciers
Save Yourself Nelver Escapism 4 Peaks, Glaciers