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Lux is an in-game brand of item. These items are a popular choice of items for a lot of players due to their ability to emit light, a la Tron. The lighting effects are powerful enough to make the biker stand out, especially in night maps.

How to obtain

  • There are 31 Lux items in total - 5 Rares (Reflectors), 25 Extraordinaries, and 1 Limited.
    • A rare item, with a blue background, requires 10k Reputation (henceforth shortened to 'rep') in a run for a 20% chance, up to 50k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance, to obtain.
    • A rare item can be earned by completing a challenge from either The No More Robots Pro Tour or The Power Up Audio Pro Tour.
    • An extraordinary item, with a purple background, requires 50k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 250k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance, to obtain.
    • An extraordinary item can be earned by completing a challenge from either The Liquicity Pro Tour or The RageSquid Pro Tour.
  • Because there are a large number of Rares and Extraordinaries (165 and 68 respectively), it can take an inordinate amount of time before you can acquire the desired Lux item.
  • The sole Limited Lux item, the Lux Rainbow Bike, can only be acquired from completing every single challenge in The Grand Tour.

Table of items

Note: Reflectors have a different colour naming scheme compared to the other items. The item colour name for the majority of the items in a set is listed, followed by the item colour name for the reflector.

To determine an item name, start with the word 'Lux', determine if it is a Reflector or not, then take the name of that particular colour, and finally end it with the equipment type. For example, the yellow pants would be called Lux Banana Pants, while the green reflector would be called Lux Verda Reflector.

Colour Bike Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants Reflector
Banana/Musa Icon 1132.png Icon 1264.png Icon 1259.png Icon 1269.png Icon 1274.png Icon 1217.png
Descent/Arika Icon 1214.png Icon 1268.png Icon 1263.png Icon 1273.png Icon 1278.png Icon 1218.png
District/Genta Icon 1130.png Icon 1265.png Icon 1262.png Icon 1272.png Icon 1277.png Icon 1221.png
Lantern/Verda Icon 1129.png Icon 1267.png Icon 1261.png Icon 1271.png Icon 1276.png Icon 1220.png
Legacy/Cya Icon 1131.png Icon 1266.png Icon 1260.png Icon 1270.png Icon 1275.png Icon 1219.png
Rainbow Icon 1688.png N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


  • Preorders for the PS4 version of the game came with a Lux Legacy set and reflectors.
  • Preorders for the Switch version came with a Lux Descent set and reflectors.
    • Depending on your country, you may not have gotten the pre-order bonuses as they may be regionally restricted by publisher Sold Out Games.
    • The remaining items can still be unlocked in-game.

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