Descenders Wiki

There are a wide variety of items in Descenders. They are all strictly cosmetic and do not offer any performance or bike bonuses. All items are obtained in various manners. All work with each of the three bike types.

Items are colour-coded by their rarity and unlock method; to determine what rarity an item is, check the background.

  • Limited Skins: Yellow (with some exceptions)
  • Team Skins: Grey
  • Common Skins: White
  • Uncommon Skins: Green
  • Rare Skins: Blue
  • Extraordinary Skins: Purple

If any items are marked with these symbols, they are not available on that particular version of the game:

  • Not available on PC - not available on the Steam version of the game
  • Not available on Xbox - not available on the Xbox/PC Game Pass version of the game
  • Not available on PS4 - not available on the PS4 version of the game
  • Not available on Switch - not available on the Switch version of the game

In the case of the console versions, it is highly inadvisable to attempt to redeem item codes for items if they are not yet implemented in those versions.

To find a specific item easier, use your browser's search function (typically CTRL+F) and enter the name of the item (or part of it, in some cases).

List of items

The following is a list of items in the game, separated by rarity and unlock method.

A 'run' is defined as a Career or a Career-Plus session. The Daily Challenge (which is effectively a fixed seed for Career) also allows you the ability to unlock items. A Multiplayer Career session, while allowing for the ability to unlock items, changes up the scoring mechanics slightly by averaging the amount of reputation earned by all players in the lobby, before determining item drops.

No other sessions allow you to unlock items.

It's worth noting that although your chances increase the more rep you score in a run, unless you are directly hitting the 100% threshold an item of the targeted rarity is not guaranteed. It is entirely possible to score, for example, 200,000 rep in a run thrice in a row and yet not get any Extraordinary out of it due to bad luck.

Common Skins (White)

Common skins require 200 rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 1k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance.

Uncommon Skins (Green)

Uncommon skins require 2k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 10k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance.

Rare Skins (Blue)

Rare skins require 10k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 50k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance.

Extraordinary Skins (Purple)

Extraordinary skins require 50k rep in a run for a 20% chance, up to 250k+ rep in a run for a 100% chance.

Limited Skins

Secret Code

These items are unlocked by inputting a code under Extras --> Redeem Code. Codes are case-insensitive. Asterisks (*) denote additional notes related to the items below the table.

The MERRYCHRISTMAS code currently has known redemption issues; a game restart will fix the game.

Players might need to subscribe to their respective console's online subscription service in order to be able to redeem codes.

Code Item Name Icon
ADMIRALCREEP AdmiralBulldog Jersey Icon 1086.tex.jpg
DRAE Draegast Jersey Icon 1085.tex.jpg
YEAHTHEBOYS Jackhuddo Jersey Icon 1090.tex.jpg
SPEEDISKEY Jacksepticeye Jersey Icon 1093.tex.jpg
MANFIST MANvsGAME Jersey Icon 1083.tex.jpg
NLSS NLSS Jersey Icon 1081.tex.jpg
SMILE RockLeeSmile Jersey Icon 1082.tex.jpg
SODAG Sodapoppin Jersey Icon 1094.tex.jpg
SPAM Spamfish Jersey Icon 1084.tex.jpg
LOVE Flag Heart Icon 1080.tex.jpg
SLASH Discord Bike Icon 1066.tex.jpg
BUGGS Bay Area Buggs Jersey Icon 1163.png
FIREKITTEN Firekitten Jersey Icon 1229.png
SOMETHINGRAD Something Rad Jersey Icon 1223.png
SPOOPY Skeleton Jersey* Icon 1231.png
SPOOPY Skeleton Pants* Icon 1230.png
MERRYCHRISTMAS Kinetic Christmas Jersey* Icon 1250-resources.assets-793.png
MERRYCHRISTMAS Enemy Christmas Jersey* Icon 1248-resources.assets-2095.png
MERRYCHRISTMAS Arboreal Christmas Jersey* Icon 1252-resources.assets-1510.png
MERRYCHRISTMAS Descenders Christmas Jersey* Icon 1254-resources.assets-829.png
CIVRYAN CivRyan Jersey Icon 1236-resources.assets-1506.png
ICEFOXX Cashcow Bell* Icon 1237-resources.assets-2043.png
ICEFOXX Cashcow Bike* Icon 1235-resources.assets-2070.png
ICEFOXX Cashcow Jersey* Icon 1234-resources.assets-926.png
ICEFOXX Cashcow Mask* Icon 1239-resources.assets-2183.png
ICEFOXX Cashcow Pants* Icon 1233-resources.assets-2466.png
TEAMRAZER #TeamRazer Jersey* Icon 1182.png
TEAMRAZER #TeamRazer Shorts* Icon 1183.png
TOASTY Toasty Ghost Jersey Icon 1352.png
FUNHAUS Funhaus Jersey Icon 1451.png
TABOR Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey Icon 1512.png
WARCHILD War Child Jersey* Icon 1615.png
WARCHILD War Child Shorts* Icon 1614.png

*SPOOPY gives both the Skeleton Jersey and Pants with one code redemption; also, the items are classified as Uncommon instead of Limited. However, they cannot be obtained during a run. As these items cannot be obtained otherwise, they are displayed here instead of the Normal Skins section.
*MERRYCHRISTMAS gives all 4 Christmas jerseys with one code redemption, and the team jerseys are classified as team items instead of Limited. As the team jerseys cannot be obtained via the standard team equipment methods, they are displayed here instead of the Team Skins section.
*ICEFOXX gives all 5 items of the Cashcow set with one code redemption.
*TEAMRAZER gives both the #TeamRazer jersey and shorts with one code redemption.
*WARCHILD gives both the jersey and shorts with one code redemption. These items were previously obtained by playing the game during the War Child Sporting Champions event.


For the following group of items, one single code NATIONS gives all of these items. (The country names are not individual codes.)

Country Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Canada Icon 1411.png Icon 1401.png Icon 1431.png Icon 1421.png
China Icon 1412.png Icon 1402.png Icon 1432.png Icon 1422.png
France Icon 1413.png Icon 1403.png Icon 1433.png Icon 1423.png
Germany Icon 1414.png Icon 1404.png Icon 1434.png Icon 1424.png
Japan Icon 1415.png Icon 1405.png Icon 1435.png Icon 1425.png
The Netherlands Icon 1416.png Icon 1406.png Icon 1436.png Icon 1426.png
South Africa Icon 1417.png Icon 1407.png Icon 1437.png Icon 1427.png
United Kingdom Icon 1418.png Icon 1408.png Icon 1438.png Icon 1428.png
USA Icon 1419.png Icon 1410.png Icon 1439.png Icon 1429.png
Wales Icon 1420.png Icon 1409.png Icon 1440.png Icon 1430.png
Australia Icon 1453.png Icon 1452.png Icon 1455.png Icon 1454.png
Finland Icon 1457.png Icon 1456.png Icon 1459.png Icon 1458.png
New Zealand Icon 1462.png Icon 1463.png Icon 1461.png Icon 1460.png
Portugal Icon 1465.png Icon 1464.png Icon 1467.png Icon 1466.png
Russia Icon 1470.png Icon 1471.png Icon 1468.png Icon 1469.png
Sweden Icon 1473.png Icon 1472.png Icon 1475.png Icon 1474.png
Estonia Icon 1478.png Icon 1479.png Icon 1476.png Icon 1477.png
Austria Icon 1482.png Icon 1480.png Icon 1486.png Icon 1484.png
Spain Icon 1483.png Icon 1481.png Icon 1487.png Icon 1485.png


For the following group of items, one single code PRIDE gives all of these items. (The item names are not individual codes.)

The Rainbow Flag was originally classified as a normal item drop; it can still be obtained as a random drop in a normal Career session.

All flags also have white backgrounds denoting Common rarity items.

Item name Icon
Rainbow Flag Icon 1185.png
Aromantic Flag Icon 1653.png
Asexual Flag Icon 1654.png
Bisexual Flag Icon 1655.png
Demisexual Flag Icon 1656.png
Gay Flag Icon 1657.png
Genderqueer Flag Icon 1658.png
Intersex Flag Icon 1659.png
Lesbian Flag Icon 1660.png
Nonbinary Flag Icon 1661.png
Pansexual Flag Icon 1662.png
Polyamory Flag Icon 1663.png
Transgender Flag Icon 1664.png

MOTY 2019

The following items were designed by winners of the Descenders Mod of the Year 2019 competition. Note that Z50 Productions and Siro do not (currently?) have Mod of the Year gear.

Code (Mod Creator) Gear Designer Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants Bike
SPE (Spe^)Not available on Switch Icon 1496.png Icon 1493.png Icon 1501.png Icon 1499.png Icon 1490.png
DOGTORQUE (Dogtorque)Not available on Switch Ovanny Icon 1497.png Icon 1494.png Icon 1502.png Icon 1500.png Icon 1491.png
KINGKRAUTZ Not available on Switch Icon 1495.png Icon 1492.png Icon 1503.png Icon 1498.png Icon 1489.png

^Stoker Bike Park now comes with the game itself; downloading the mod is no longer necessary.

Custom GearNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch

To unlock multiple blank sets of Custom Gear (10 each of Goggles, Helmet, Jersey Long, Jersey Short, Pants, Shorts, and 25 Bikes), redeem the code CUSTOM. For full instructions on how to use your own custom gear, see the readme file in the CustomGear folder in the installation directory.

It's worth noting that this is marked as not being available on Xbox, PS4, and Switch for obvious reasons (the gear cannot be modded), but it is still possible to redeem the codes on Xbox and PS4 only for extra blank gear.

Non-limited items unlockable via code

The High Voltage Set (except the bike) and the Training Set can also be unlocked via the codes, in quotes, "HIGHVOLTAGE" and "STABLE". To view the item images, press CTRL+F in your browser and type the respective code, then search for a latter search result to jump to that section of the page. As these items are not classified as Limited, they are not displayed here.

Special Unlock

These items are unlocked by fulfilling special conditions in-game.


Unlock Condition Item Name Icon
Get rekt Rusty Icon 142.tex.jpg
Skip the Highlands Boss by going under the bridge (press continue) Chicken Mask Icon 1115.tex.jpg
Browse the list of mods and/or download a mod Not available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Pants* Icon 1448.png
Browse the list of mods and/or download a mod Not available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Jersey* Icon 1449.png
Ride to the candy bar grave in the hub and pay respects Foodz Candy Bar Jersey Icon 1652.png

*You get the pants and jersey simultaneously.

Descenders Set

Unlock Condition Item Name Icon
Complete the Highlands boss jump for the first time Descenders Goggles Icon 1070.tex.jpg
Complete the Forest boss jump for the first time Descenders Pants Icon 1073.tex.jpg
Complete the Canyon boss jump for the first time Descenders Jersey Icon 1072.tex.jpg
Complete the Peaks boss jump for the first time Descenders Helmet Icon 1075.tex.jpg

Descenders Legendary Set

Complete a full Career mode run for the full set.

Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Icon 1077.tex.jpg Icon 1076.tex.jpg Icon 1079.tex.jpg Icon 1078.tex.jpg

Descenders Master Set

Complete a full Career-Plus mode run for the full set.

Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Icon 1354.png Icon 1353.png Icon 1356.png Icon 1355.png

Special Events

These items are unlocked during special events. Items unlocked via developer-supplied codes are marked with an asterisk (*).

Unlock Condition Item Name Icon
Played the Ascenders April Fool's Day 2018 build and completed Highlands Fool Jersey Icon 1122.tex.jpg
Placed high enough in a Community Challenge*/Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Uwotmate Jersey Icon 1096.tex.jpg
Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Jeroendumb JerseyNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1199.png
Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Lex JerseyNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1200.png
Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Pip JerseyNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1201.png
Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Roel JerseyNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1202.png
Played the game on April Fool's Day 2020 Rosie JerseyNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1203.png

Tournaments/MOTY 2020

These items were awarded via developer-supplied codes to the top three positions of the Mod Of The Year 2020 competition, as well as various community-run tournaments.

Position Bike Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Gold Icon 1599.png Icon 1605.png Icon 1602.png Icon 1611.png Icon 1608.png
Silver Icon 1600.png Icon 1606.png Icon 1603.png Icon 1612.png Icon 1609.png
Bronze Icon 1601.png Icon 1607.png Icon 1604.png Icon 1613.png Icon 1610.png
Limited Items

These items are limited in the sense that they are only available from contests or other occasions. These are among the rarest limited items to ever exist in the game, and there is no guarantee that you'll be able to get them, with some items (accordingly) unattainable. Keep an eye on the Discord server for any news.

Unlock History Item Name Icon
Participated in the October 2017 Test Sessions (beta)* Beta Jersey^ Icon 1092.png
Codes were handed out on a past Twitch stream* Twitch Bike Icon 141.png
Won the One Shot Community Challenge (circa October 2018)
Codes were handed out on a past Twitch stream*
RageSquid Jersey Icon 1204.png
Codes were handed out on a past Twitch stream* No More Robots Jersey Icon 1205.png

^No longer attainable.

Legacy Items

These items are PC-only and were obtained if you had more than the specified amount of Rep at any point before May 15, 2018 (even if you lost Rep and dropped below the values required). For obvious reasons, these are no longer attainable.

Rep Required Item Name Icon
- Descenders BellNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1134.tex.jpg
50,000 Descenders FlagNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1135.tex.jpg
250,000 Descenders CrownNot available on XboxNot available on PS4Not available on Switch Icon 1136.tex.jpg

Xbox One Kit Not available on PCNot available on PS4Not available on Switch

This kit is exclusive to Xbox One and Microsoft Store owners.

Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Icon 1127.tex.jpg Icon 1128.tex.jpg Icon 1097.tex.jpg Icon 1126.tex.jpg

Mixer Kit

This kit is no longer available due to Mixer's shutdown. The unlock method is preserved below; however it will not work.
This kit was unlocked by setting up Mixer integration: Settings --> Gameplay --> Go Interactive on Mixer.

Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Icon 1124.tex.jpg Icon 1123.tex.jpg Icon 1095.tex.jpg Icon 1125.tex.jpg

IndieBox Jersies

These jersies are unlocked by purchasing the associated real-life shirt from IndieBox.

Item Name Icon
Indiebox Descenders Jersey Icon 1140.tex.jpg
Indiebox Kinetic Jersey Icon 1138.tex.jpg
Indiebox Enemy Jersey Icon 1137.tex.jpg
Indiebox Arboreal Jersey Icon 1139.tex.jpg

The Grand Tour

Developer Sets

Having existed in the game files since the start, these items were finally made unlockable through a new challenge-based system called The Grand Tour, on October 28, 2021.

Completing the Amateur Tour of any set will award the Helmet and Goggles of that set; completing the Pro Tour of any set will award the Jersey and Pants of that set.

Developer Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
RageSquid Icon 1014.png Icon 1012.png Icon 1013.png Icon 1015.png
No More Robots Icon 1009.png Icon 1008.png Icon 1010.png Icon 1011.png
Power Up Audio Icon 1017.png Icon 1016.png Icon 1018.png Icon 1019.png
Liquicity Icon 1001.png Icon 1003.png Icon 1006.png Icon 1005.png

Completing all challenges in all 8 Tours will award this bike. This was added on December 14, 2021.

Not available on Switch This may not be available on Switch yet; this is however pending confirmation.

Item Name Icon
Lux Rainbow Bike Icon 1688.png
The Mischief Tour

Completing all challenges in this tour will award this bike and jersey.

Item Name Icon
Baebale Jersey Icon 1206.png

The Baebale Jersey was previously awarded to winners of the Discord Server's community Haybale Challenge (circa May 2020).

Team Skins

Each of the three teams, Kinetic, Enemy, and Arboreal, have their own sets of skins. To join a team, find and complete their team node thrice, then accept the offer from that team to join them. When that happens, you will immediately get the community equipment set. To progress further and unlock more team gear, continue to complete up to 3 sponsor objectives that the game issues every day at 00:00 GMT. The order the rank items are unlocked in is top-downwards, meaning you will unlock the Novice Goggles before the Novice Helmet, and so on.

Sponsor objectives gradually get harder as the player ranks up. Should any sponsor objectives be left uncompleted on any day, they will carry over to the next day(s) until they are completed; however, no new objective will be issued in that case immediately after completion. One sponsor objective can be changed per day. The system will not skip unlocks for items that you have already unlocked, which means that it will take 16 days at minimum to fully complete a sponsor contract for a single team (48 tasks in total).

A team can be left at any time; however, when this occurs, progress made towards sponsor gear will be reset, team gear will not be able to be equipped, and any team gear equipped will be automatically unequipped. However, the player will keep any team gear that they have already unlocked.

Note that Pants/Shorts, and Jersey Long/Short are unlocked simultaneously. For reference, the legacy system for team unlocks is preserved at the directly preceding link.

Community Sets

These kits were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to game launch.

Team Designer Jersey Pants
Kinetic YeetMeister/MrRealfield Icon 167.tex.jpg Icon 168.tex.jpg
Enemy crunnko Icon 165.tex.jpg Icon 166.tex.jpg
Arboreal hockdudu Icon 163.tex.jpg Icon 164.tex.jpg

Rank Skins

Rank/Number Tasks Required Slot Kinetic Enemy Arboreal
Novice 1 2 Goggles Icon 23.tex.jpg Icon 95.tex.jpg Icon 81.tex.jpg
Novice 2 3 Helmet Icon 27.tex.jpg Icon 98.tex.jpg Icon 84.tex.jpg
Novice 3 3 Pants Icon 36.tex.jpg Icon 107.tex.jpg Icon 76.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 40.tex.jpg Icon 59.tex.jpg Icon 78.tex.jpg
Novice 4 3 Jersey Icon 30.tex.jpg Icon 101.tex.jpg Icon 87.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 33.tex.jpg Icon 104.tex.jpg Icon 90.tex.jpg
Novice 5 5 Flag Icon 1142.tex.jpg Icon 1141.tex.jpg Icon 1143.tex.jpg
Pro 1 2 Goggles Icon 24.tex.jpg Icon 96.tex.jpg Icon 82.tex.jpg
Pro 2 3 Helmet Icon 28.tex.jpg Icon 99.tex.jpg Icon 85.tex.jpg
Pro 3 3 Pants Icon 37.tex.jpg Icon 108.tex.jpg Icon 77.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 41.tex.jpg Icon 60.tex.jpg Icon 79.tex.jpg
Pro 4 3 Jersey Icon 31.tex.jpg Icon 102.tex.jpg Icon 88.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 34.tex.jpg Icon 105.tex.jpg Icon 75.tex.jpg
Pro 5 5 Horn Icon 1145.tex.jpg Icon 1144.tex.jpg Icon 1146.tex.jpg
Master 1 2 Goggles Icon 25.tex.jpg Icon 43.tex.jpg Icon 80.tex.jpg
Master 2 3 Helmet Icon 29.tex.jpg Icon 97.tex.jpg Icon 83.tex.jpg
Master 3 3 Pants Icon 38.tex.jpg Icon 106.tex.jpg Icon 91.tex.jpg
Shorts Icon 42.tex.jpg Icon 61.tex.jpg Icon 67.tex.jpg
Master 4 3 Jersey Icon 32.tex.jpg Icon 100.tex.jpg Icon 86.tex.jpg
Shirt Icon 35.tex.jpg Icon 103.tex.jpg Icon 89.tex.jpg
Master 5 5 Bike Icon 1148.tex.jpg Icon 1147.tex.jpg Icon 1149.tex.jpg

Special Events

These items are unlocked during special events. Items unlocked via developer-supplied codes are marked with an asterisk (*).

Unlock Condition Item Name Icon
Participated in a Discord challenge won by Team Kinetic, and had a winning entry* Kinetic Token Icon 1165.png
Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition* Arboreal Best Team Jersey Icon 1176.png
Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition* Enemy Best Team Jersey Icon 1175.png
Submitted a Replay in the September 2018 Replay competition* Kinetic Best Team Jersey Icon 1177.png

Note: It is highly likely that similar tokens exist for Arboreal and Enemy, but these are not officially confirmed.

Normal Skins

'Normal' skins are skins earned by reaching rep targets during runs and then getting lucky with the dice rolls. There are 4 skin rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Extraordinary.

How the item drop system works is as follows: the game first checks your rep earned in a session to see what is the highest rarity item you are eligible for. From there, the game, depending on the rep earned, will roll for a chance at that item. If that roll fails, the game will then proceed to the immediate lower rarity and do the same procedure. This continues until either an item is gained, or there is no more item in the lowest rarity left to unlock. For example, if the player earns 50k rep in a run, the game will roll for an Extraordinary item, with a 20% chance of succeeding; failing which, the game will roll for a Rare item, with a 100% chance of succeeding.

The player can only earn one item from this item category per run.

Common Skins

The player starts out with the Flat Basic and Ether Basic skins by default.


Item Name Icon
Flat Basic Icon 22.tex.jpg
Flat Fury Red Icon 70.tex.jpg
Flat Caution Orange Icon 72.tex.jpg
Flat Flash Yellow Icon 69.tex.jpg
Flat Lime Green Icon 73.tex.jpg
Flat Triumph Blue Icon 71.tex.jpg
Flat Marvelous Magenta Icon 74.tex.jpg
Flat Onyx Black Icon 68.tex.jpg

Ether Sets

Colour Helmet Goggles Jersey Shirt Pants Shorts
Basic Icon 14.tex.jpg Icon 13.tex.jpg Icon 15.tex.jpg Icon 16.tex.jpg Icon 17.tex.jpg Icon 18.tex.jpg
Fury Red Icon 54.tex.jpg Icon 46.tex.jpg Icon 112.tex.jpg Icon 120.tex.jpg Icon 128.tex.jpg Icon 136.tex.jpg
Caution Orange Icon 56.tex.jpg Icon 48.tex.jpg Icon 114.tex.jpg Icon 122.tex.jpg Icon 130.tex.jpg Icon 138.tex.jpg
Flash Yellow Icon 53.tex.jpg Icon 45.tex.jpg Icon 111.tex.jpg Icon 119.tex.jpg Icon 127.tex.jpg Icon 135.tex.jpg
Lime Green Icon 57.tex.jpg Icon 49.tex.jpg Icon 115.tex.jpg Icon 123.tex.jpg Icon 131.tex.jpg Icon 139.tex.jpg
Triumph Blue Icon 55.tex.jpg Icon 47.tex.jpg Icon 113.tex.jpg Icon 121.tex.jpg Icon 129.tex.jpg Icon 137.tex.jpg
Marvelous Magenta Icon 58.tex.jpg Icon 50.tex.jpg Icon 116.tex.jpg Icon 124.tex.jpg Icon 132.tex.jpg Icon 140.tex.jpg
Onyx Black Icon 52.tex.jpg Icon 44.tex.jpg Icon 110.tex.jpg Icon 118.tex.jpg Icon 126.tex.jpg Icon 134.tex.jpg


Item Name Icon
Blue Mohawk Icon 1151.tex.jpg
Green Mohawk Icon 1152.tex.jpg
Pink Mohawk Icon 1153.tex.jpg
Red Mohawk Icon 1150.tex.jpg
Yellow Mohawk Icon 1154.tex.jpg

Denim Pants

Item Name Icon
Denim All American Icon 1210.png
Denim Vintage Icon 1213.png
Denim Herringbone Icon 1211.png
Denim Dijon Icon 1212.png

Animal Costumes

The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand.

Animal Hat Jersey Pants
Bear Icon 1627.png Icon 1625.png Icon 1626.png
Rhino Icon 1634.png Icon 1633.png Icon 1632.png


Item Name Icon
Bear Ears Icon 1158.png
Beach Ball Icon 1168.png
Chiq Tuxedo Jersey Icon 1178.png
Blindfold Icon 1244-resources.assets-1210.png
Christmas Gift Icon 1253-resources.assets-659.png
Pro Send It Camera (handlebar) Icon 1256-resources.assets-2470.png
Pro Send It Camera (helmet) Icon 1257-resources.assets-1009.png
Rubber Cat Icon 1647.png

Uncommon Skins

Camo Helmets

Item Name Icon
Camo Blue Icon 1000.tex.jpg
Camo Lime Icon 161.tex.jpg
Camo Red Icon 162.tex.jpg
Camo Grey Icon 159.tex.jpg

T2 Bikes

Item Name Icon
T2 Formula Icon 1021.tex.jpg
T2 Electric Icon 1020.tex.jpg
T2 Skyline Icon 1023.tex.jpg
T2 Goblin Icon 92.tex.jpg
T2 Sakura Icon 1024.tex.jpg
T2 Trooper Icon 62.tex.jpg
T2 Amethyst Icon 1025.tex.jpg
T2 Life Icon 93.tex.jpg

FortyTwo Sets

Colour Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants Racing Plate
Vermillion Icon 1035.tex.jpg Icon 1027.tex.jpg Icon 1043.tex.jpg Icon 1052.tex.jpg Icon 1392.png
Amber Icon 1037.tex.jpg Icon 1029.tex.jpg Icon 1045.tex.jpg Icon 1054.tex.jpg Icon 1393.png
Apple Icon 1038.tex.jpg Icon 1030.tex.jpg Icon 1046.tex.jpg Icon 1055.tex.jpg Icon 1394.png
Aqua Icon 1039.tex.jpg Icon 1031.tex.jpg Icon 1047.tex.jpg Icon 1056.tex.jpg Icon 1395.png
Cobalt Icon 1036.tex.jpg Icon 1028.tex.jpg Icon 1044.tex.jpg Icon 1053.tex.jpg Icon 1396.png
Royal Icon 1041.tex.jpg Icon 1033.tex.jpg Icon 1049.tex.jpg Icon 1058.tex.jpg Icon 1399.png
Neon Icon 1040.tex.jpg Icon 1032.tex.jpg Icon 1048.tex.jpg Icon 1057.tex.jpg Icon 1398.png
Frost Icon 1034.tex.jpg Icon 1026.tex.jpg Icon 1042.tex.jpg Icon 1051.tex.jpg Icon 1397.png

Fade Helmets

Item Name Icon
Fade DWN Icon 1294.png
Fade SRS Icon 1295.png
Fade EVG Icon 1296.png
Fade OHO Icon 1297.png

Lynx Bikes

Item Name Icon
Lynx Z2 Icon 1308.png
Lynx D1 Icon 1310.png
Lynx X5 Icon 1311.png
Lynx G7 Icon 1312.png

Community Items

These items were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to the game launching out of Early Access.

Item Name Designer Icon
Hipwood Red Jersey Krinsher Icon 1284.png
Hipwood White Jersey Krinsher Icon 1285.png
Hipwood Blue Jersey Krinsher Icon 1286.png
Hipwood Green Jersey Krinsher Icon 1287.png
Hipwood Yellow Jersey Krinsher Icon 1288.png
Hipwood Brown Jersey Krinsher Icon 1289.png
Hipwood Leaf Goggles Krinsher Icon 1340.png
Hipwood Magma Goggles Krinsher Icon 1341.png
Hipwood Snow Goggles Krinsher Icon 1342.png
Other Goggles

The rest of the equipment sets that these goggles are a part of can be seen here.

It is possible to get most of the High Voltage equipment by entering the code, without quotes, "HIGHVOLTAGE". You get everything except the bike.

Item Name Designer Icon
Contrast Goggles Zeron Icon 1315.png
Arrow Goggles Icon 1321.png
Hellwave Goggles HellHound Icon 1327.png
Headshot Goggles Zeron Icon 1332.png
Poison Dart Goggles HellHound Icon 1347.png
Rascal Goggles Icon 1357.png
RIDE Goggles bobtheguy6 Icon 1365.png
Zeron Goggles Zeron Icon 1370.png
High Voltage Goggles h!gh voltage Icon 1379.png
Glocksee Goggles Alvi Icon 1441.png
Igloo Goggles BBB171 Icon 1666.png
Aura Goggles xXKushXx Icon 1674.png
Bullion Goggles Ovanny Icon 1682.png

Animal Costumes

The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand.

Animal Hat Jersey Pants
Penguin Icon 1637.png Icon 1636.png Icon 1635.png
Shark Icon 1640.png Icon 1639.png Icon 1638.png


Among the items listed in this category are #SCRAPE-branded goggles and clothing. #SCRAPE Gear is a brand owned by mountain biker Fabio Schäfer, and is the first real-life brand added to the game.

There are also HAOW Jerseys listed in this segment, and is the second real-life brand added to the game.

Item Name Icon
Scrape Ride and Destroy Shirt Icon 1119.tex.jpg
Scrape Camo Goggles Icon 1118.tex.jpg
Scrape Skull Goggles Icon 1117.tex.jpg
Scrape Thunder Goggles Icon 1116.tex.jpg
Gold Horn Icon 1133.tex.jpg
Rubber Ducky Icon 188.tex.jpg
Halo Icon 1157.tex.jpg
Fox Ears Icon 1159.png
Corn Icon 1169.png
Chiq Bronze Jersey Icon 1179.png
Rubber Doggy Icon 1187.png
Foodz Beer Jersey Icon 1209.png
Pizza Icon 1228.png
Coffin Icon 1222.png
Bat Wings Icon 1224.png
HAOW Black Jersey Icon 1243-resources.assets-759.png
HAOW Navy Jersey Icon 1240-resources.assets-2300.png
HAOW Noir Jersey Icon 1241-resources.assets-2016.png
HAOW Vintage Jersey Icon 1242-resources.assets-1813.png
Gingerbread Man Icon 1247-resources.assets-642.png
Santa Hat Icon 1251-resources.assets-2355.png
Vuvuzela Icon 1258-resources.assets-1339.png
Bananas Icon 1351.png
Dunce Hat Icon 1386.png
Clown Horn Doopy Icon 1446.png
Clown Horn Doofy Icon 1447.png
Chiq Hawaii Red Jersey Icon 1617.png
Chiq Hawaii Green Jersey Icon 1616.png
Chiq Hawaii Blue Jersey Icon 1618.png
Rubber Cow Icon 1649.png
Rubber Sheep Icon 1648.png
Pinata Icon 1628.png
Drinks Holder Icon 1620.png

Rare Skins

Camo+ Helmets

Item Name Icon
Camo+ GT Icon 1290.png
Camo+ XS Icon 1291.png
Camo+ RI Icon 1292.png
Camo+ DH Icon 1293.png

Carbon Helmets

Item Name Icon
Carbon Axe Icon 1298.png
Carbon Lazer Icon 1299.png
Carbon Slice Icon 1300.png
Carbon Crave Icon 1301.png

T3 Bikes

Item Name Icon
T3 Harmony Icon 63.tex.jpg
T3 Nebula Icon 66.tex.jpg
T3 Sunrise Icon 64.tex.jpg
T3 Shot Icon 1088.tex.jpg
T3 Rasta Icon 65.tex.jpg

Newline Bikes

Item Name Icon
Newline Jade Icon 1190.png
Newline Scarlet Icon 1191.png
Newline Orchid Icon 1192.png
Newline Admiral Icon 1193.png
Newline Sapphire Icon 1194.png
Newline Xanthous Icon 1195.png
Newline Ochre Icon 1196.png
Newline Imperial Icon 1197.png

Sukurabu Bikes

Item Name Icon
Sukurabu X Icon 1302.png
Sukurabu G Icon 1303.png
Sukurabu D Icon 1304.png
Sukurabu W Icon 1305.png
Sukurabu B Icon 1306.png
Sukurabu F Icon 1307.png

FortyTwo Sets

Set Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Apex Icon 1107.tex.jpg Icon 1111.tex.jpg Icon 1099.tex.jpg Icon 1103.tex.jpg
Rival Icon 1108.tex.jpg Icon 1112.tex.jpg Icon 1100.tex.jpg Icon 1104.tex.jpg
Crank Icon 1110.tex.jpg Icon 1114.tex.jpg Icon 1102.tex.jpg Icon 1106.tex.jpg
Ultra Icon 1109.tex.jpg Icon 1113.tex.jpg Icon 1101.tex.jpg Icon 1105.tex.jpg

Foodz Shirts

Item Name Icon
Foodz Pepperoni Jersey Icon 177.tex.jpg
Foodz Hotdog Jersey Icon 178.tex.jpg
Foodz Fries Jersey Icon 176.tex.jpg
Foodz Hamburger Jersey Icon 175.tex.jpg

Polka Dots Sets

Colour Jersey Pants
Orange Icon 143.tex.jpg Icon 145.tex.jpg
Pink Icon 148.tex.jpg Icon 154.tex.jpg
Purple Icon 147.tex.jpg Icon 153.tex.jpg
Yellow Icon 149.tex.jpg Icon 155.tex.jpg

Lux Reflectors

Item Name Icon
Lux Musa Reflector Icon 1217.png
Lux Arika Reflector Icon 1218.png
Lux Cya Reflector Icon 1219.png
Lux Verda Reflector Icon 1220.png
Lux Genta Reflector Icon 1221.png

Community Items

These items were designed by members of the Descenders Discord Server prior to the game launching out of Early Access.


The goggles corresponding to these equipment sets can be seen here.

It is possible to get most of the High Voltage equipment by entering the code, without quotes, "HIGHVOLTAGE". You get everything except the bike.

Set Name Designer Bike Helmet Jersey Shirt Pants Shorts Mask
Contrast Zeron Icon 1314.png Icon 1316.png Icon 1318.png Icon 1319.png Icon 1317.png N/A N/A
Arrow Icon 1320.png Icon 1322.png Icon 1324.png N/A Icon 1323.png N/A N/A
Hellwave HellHound Icon 1326.png Icon 1328.png Icon 1330.png N/A Icon 1329.png N/A N/A
Headshot Zeron Icon 1363.png Icon 1333.png Icon 1335.png N/A Icon 1334.png N/A N/A
Zeron Zeron Icon 1336.png Icon 1371.png Icon 1374.png Icon 1375.png Icon 1372.png Icon 1373.png N/A
Poison Dart HellHound N/A Icon 1348.png Icon 1350.png N/A Icon 1349.png N/A N/A
Rascal N/A Icon 1358.png Icon 1360.png N/A Icon 1359.png N/A N/A
RIDE bobtheguy6 Icon 1364.png Icon 1366.png Icon 1368.png N/A N/A Icon 1367.png N/A
High Voltage h!gh voltage Icon 1369.png Icon 1380.png Icon 1383.png Icon 1384.png Icon 1381.png Icon 1382.png N/A
Glocksee Alvi N/A Icon 1442.png Icon 1444.png N/A Icon 1443.png N/A N/A
Igloo BBB171 Icon 1665.png Icon 1667.png Icon 1669.png N/A Icon 1668.png N/A N/A
Toxic crAsh N/A Icon 1671.png N/A Icon 1670.png N/A N/A Icon 1672.png
Aura xXKushXx Icon 1673.png Icon 1675.png Icon 1677.png N/A Icon 1676.png N/A N/A
Cycledelic ElGallo Icon 1681.png Icon 1678.png Icon 1680.png N/A Icon 1679.png N/A N/A
Bullion Ovanny Icon 1686.png Icon 1683.png Icon 1685.png N/A Icon 1684.png N/A N/A
Item Name Designer Icon
Hipwood Leaf Helmet Krinsher Icon 1337.png
Hipwood Magma Helmet Krinsher Icon 1338.png
Hipwood Snow Helmet Krinsher Icon 1339.png
Hipwood Iron Bike Krinsher Icon 1343.png
Hipwood Vintage Bike Krinsher Icon 1344.png
Other Bikes

Interestingly, the Flamingo Bike, while not being a 'community item', is classified in this category.

Item Name Designer Icon
Argardnaut Meltdown Bike Gardalice Icon 1309.png
Flamingo Bike Rosie Icon 1313.png
WolfPak Aka Bike LoneWolf Icon 1325.png
APEX Bike Icon 1331.png
PIPex Butterfly Bike Gardalice Icon 1345.png
Ameleo Bike Icon 1346.png
Evil One Bike Icon 1361.png
HellTrek Bike HellHound Icon 1362.png
Factory Blue Bike Alvi Icon 1376.png
Factory Red Bike Alvi Icon 1377.png
Factory Green Bike Alvi Icon 1378.png
Untextured Bike Gardalice Icon 1389.png
PIPex Ladybug Bike Gardalice Icon 1390.png
Fire and Ice Bike bobtheguy6 Icon 1391.png

Animal Costumes

The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand.

Animal Hat Jersey Pants
Flamingo Icon 1643.png Icon 1642.png Icon 1641.png
Unicorn Icon 1646.png Icon 1645.png Icon 1644.png


Item Name Icon
Scrape Ride and Destroy Jersey Icon 1120.tex.jpg
Horse Mask Icon 181.tex.jpg
Chiq Silver Jersey Icon 1180.png
Rabbit Ears Icon 1160.png
Eye Ball Icon 1170.png
Pinwheel Icon 1171.png
Sunflower Basket Icon 1189.png
Butcher Knife Icon 1225.png
Teddy Icon 1227.png
Christmas Bells Icon 1255-resources.assets-2325.png
Squid Mask Icon 1246-resources.assets-1463.png
Buckethead Icon 1387.png
Train Icon 1388.png
Top Hat Icon 1156.png
Cycling Bags Icon 1400.png
Air Horn Icon 1445.png
Rubber Frog Icon 1650.png
Rubber Piggy Icon 1651.png
Taco Icon 1621.png

Extraordinary Skins

High Rollers Set

Helmet Goggles Jersey Shirt Pants Shorts
Icon 170.tex.jpg Icon 169.tex.jpg Icon 171.tex.jpg Icon 172.tex.jpg Icon 173.tex.jpg Icon 174.tex.jpg

FortyTwo Rasta Set

Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Icon 1060.tex.jpg Icon 1059.tex.jpg Icon 1061.tex.jpg Icon 1062.tex.jpg

Lux Sets

These equipment sets and bikes glow in the dark.

Colour Bike Helmet Goggles Jersey Pants
Banana Icon 1132.png Icon 1264.png Icon 1259.png Icon 1269.png Icon 1274.png
Descent Icon 1214.png Icon 1268.png Icon 1263.png Icon 1273.png Icon 1278.png
District Icon 1130.png Icon 1265.png Icon 1262.png Icon 1272.png Icon 1277.png
Lantern Icon 1129.png Icon 1267.png Icon 1261.png Icon 1271.png Icon 1276.png
Legacy Icon 1131.png Icon 1266.png Icon 1260.png Icon 1270.png Icon 1275.png


Note: the InvisiBike is see-through.

Item Name Icon
BS Inspired Icon 179.tex.jpg
Stickerbomb Icon 1022.tex.jpg
Stealth Icon 1098.tex.jpg
InvisiBike Icon 1155.tex.jpg
Newline Ashen Icon 1198.png


Item Name Icon
Scrape Dirty Camo Jersey Icon 1121.tex.jpg
Golden Times Jersey Icon 1068.tex.jpg
Murder Bunny Jersey Icon 1069.tex.jpg
Velcro Fly Jersey Icon 1067.tex.jpg
Foodz Lemons Jersey Icon 1091.tex.jpg
Chiq Gold Jersey Icon 1181.png

Action Henk Masks

Item Name Icon
Henk Icon 1279.png
Betsy Icon 1280.png
Neil Icon 1281.png
Kentony Icon 1282.png
Cedar Icon 1283.png

Animal Costumes

The jersey and pants are classified under the Polka Dots brand.

Animal Hat Jersey Pants
Dino Icon 1624.png Icon 1623.png Icon 1622.png
Giraffe Icon 1631.png Icon 1630.png Icon 1629.png


The Training Set can also be unlocked by inputting the code, without quotes, "STABLE".

Item Name Icon
OK Hand Icon 1167.png
Viking Helmet Icon 1162.png
Antlers Icon 1161.png
Training Set Icon 1188.png
Police Beacon Icon 1184.png
Heli Cap Icon 1186.png
Pumpkin Head Icon 1226.png
Christmas Lights Icon 1232.png
Whoopee Cushion Icon 1238.png
Space Helmet Icon 1385.png
Sombrero Icon 1619.png

Unattainable Skins

These items are known to exist in the assets, but are currently unattainable for various reasons.


These items were most likely a test for rear wheel-mounted accessories.

Item Name Icon
Afghan Flag Icon 1064.png
Algerian Flag Icon 1065.png
Canadian Flag Icon 1063.png


  • The Gold Horn used to be simply called Horn and was red. This was changed due to the introduction of the Enemy team horn.
  • Team unlocks used to be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of Rep; see here for the full breakdown.
  • The Invisibike has no name displayed in-game.
  • The Rubber Doggy was initially mis-classified as a Rare; it has since been downgraded to an Uncommon.
  • The Cashcow set and the unlock code is a reference to the irate, incomprehensible ramblings of a certain disgruntled individual.
  • The Golden Times shirt is a reference to the website of a Dutch Facebook page entitled 'Elke dag dezelfde foto van Frans Bauer'.
  • The following jersies are modeled after the faces of the developers and publishers of Descenders:
    • Uwotmate - No More Robots' founder Mike Rose
    • Jeroendumb - (formerly) RageSquid's Jeroen Heeren
    • Lex - RageSquid's Lex Decrauw
    • Pip - No More Robots' Pip Hoskins
    • Roel - RageSquid's Roel Ezendam
    • Rosie - RageSquid's Roan Albers
  • The Top Hat was initially classed as an Extraordinary item, but it has been downgraded to a Rare around the full release date.
  • The Action Henk masks are of characters from RageSquid's first game, and initially existed in the game files as Limited rarity (but unattainable) items.


Note: "Rep Total" refers to the total amount of Reputation earned in a single Career/Career-Plus run - NOT the total lifetime career Reputation.

Item Rep Flowchart.png