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Favela is the third region in Descenders' Career-Plus mode.

The Favela does not let up from the challenge posed by the Jungle; the urban buildings can prove to be deceptively difficult to bike through.

Completing the Boss Track in the Favela will let the player progress to the next region in Career-Plus, the Glaciers.


These are the features (including start point, end point, and stunts) you can expect to see while roaming the Favela.

Info Image
Start Point FavelaStart.png
End Point FavelaEnd.png


These are the Mini-bosses, which give a certain amount of points (indicated in brackets, and before multiplier is applied) when successfully completed.

Trick Names Image 1 Image 2
Narrow (350) Narrow1.PNG Narrow2.PNG
Rooftap (300), In N Out (500) Rooftap1.PNG Rooftap2.PNG
Rooftopped (400) Rooftopped1.PNG Rooftopped2.PNG

Boss Jump[]

The Boss Jump will appear at the Boss Jump node. The player will have to successfully jump the Boss Jump and reach the end point, in order to progress to the Glaciers.

Only one trick is associated with completing this Boss Jump:

  • Redeemed (800 points).


These songs will be played while in the Favela.

Song Artist Album Location
Bandit Woody Galaxy Of Dreams 1 Highlands, Favela
Unreal (ft. Ayve) T & Sugah Alchemy Highlands, Favela
A Million Colours Shiny Radio Escapism 4 Highlands, Favela
Kings & Queens Maduk Believe EP Highlands, Favela
Levitate Maduk Avalon EP Highlands, Favela
Lose Control Seba Escapism 2 Highlands, Favela
Sun Futuristik Alchemy 2 Highlands, Volcano, Favela, Ridges