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Enemy is one of the teams in Descenders.


Will you join the die-hard, trick-frenzy ranks of Team Enemy?


If you love pulling off crazy tricks with your bike, Team Enemy wants you.

Their team nodes contain a considerably large amount of stunts, and always have a rating of 4-2-8 (Steepness-Curves-Stunts).



I caught your last event! Those were some of the most dialed runs I have ever seen. How about you come ride for us? We have an open slot on our roster and would love to have you rocking our colors. We got some of the gnarliest riders in the game right now, so you'll be riding with and learning from some of the most extreme names in the sport. Let me know when you are ready to sling some bars!

Stay rad!

~ Rosie Albers, Team owner and all-around wild child

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