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Desert is the first region in Descenders' Career-Plus mode.

The Desert is an all-natural and very flowy environment. Stunt ratings for the environment are notably fixed at 0.

It is a terrific environment for farming Reputation and lives in order to get rarer items.

Completing the Boss Track in the Desert will let the player progress to the next region in Career-Plus, the Jungle.


These are the features (including start point, end point, and stunts) you can expect to see while roaming the Desert.

As the Desert is mostly natural, the stunts are the naturally generated hills.

Info Image
Start Point Descenders Screenshot 2020.11.14 -
Descenders Screenshot 2020.11.10 -
Descenders Screenshot 2020.11.10 -
Descenders Screenshot 2020.11.10 -
End Point Descenders Screenshot 2020.11.10 -


The Desert has no mini-bosses associated with it.

Boss Jump[]

The Boss Jump will appear at the Boss Jump node. The player will have to successfully jump the Boss Jump and reach the end point, in order to progress to the Jungle.

Only one trick is associated with completing this Boss Jump:

  • Pyramadness (500 points).


These songs will be played while in the Desert.

Song Artist Album Location
Station Six Dualistic Escapism 4 Forest, Desert
Fallen Leaves Raise Spirit Alchemy 2 Forest, Desert
Dawning (Instrumental) Monrroe Alchemy Forest, Desert
Dreamcatcher (ft. Ella) Edlan Alchemy 2 Forest, Desert
Ghost Assassin VIP (Instrumental) Maduk Memoirs Forest, Desert
Believe (ft. Hebe Vrijhof) Maduk Believe EP Forest, Desert

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