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Crew Members, introduced in the Rogue-Bike update, are one of the mechanics of Descenders.

A crew member is a modification added to the player that will give benefits to a certain attribute for the rest of the run. A player can have up to a maximum of 10 crew members during a run.

The player needs to gain a certain amount of rep to gain a crew member. This amount of rep required increases exponentially for each crew member, according to the following formula:

[(<Crew Member Number>^2]*1000

That is, the first crew member requires 1000 rep, the second crew member requires 4000 rep, and so on, until you max out at the 10th crew member requiring 100,000 rep.

When the player becomes eligible for a crew member, the game will randomly select 4 crew members out of those not already picked; from there, the player will have to pick one of them.

You can only have one instance of any crew member maximum; you cannot stack multiple of a specific crew member. Also, when you are eligible for a crew member, the game can pick from any of the remaining crew members left - it is possible to not pick, for example, Bunny Hop from the first group, and still have it appear as a choice in the second group.

Rep Requirement Table[]

Crew Member Session Rep Required Difference from Previous
1 1000 1000
2 4000 3000
3 9000 5000
4 16000 7000
5 25000 9000
6 36000 11000
7 49000 13000
8 64000 15000
9 81000 17000
10 100000 19000

List of crew members[]

The following is a list of all crew members that are currently in the game.

Crew members fall into 3 different categories: Green, Blue, and Yellow. Green crew members affect an aspect of your rider, Blue crew members affect miscellaneous aspects, and Yellow crew members affect individual node generation (and are hence reflected by a series of digits after the main seed).

Crew Member Description Type
Bunny Hop Increases bunny hop force. Green
Extra Stunts Places more stunt objects on tracks. Yellow
Off-Road Friction Decreases friction when going off the path. Green
Heavy Bail Threshold You can bail harder before losing multiple health at once. Green
Tweak Speed Increases the speed at which you tweak your bike. Green
Fakie Balance Improves balancing when riding backwards. Green
In Air Correction Increases the amount of in-air prediction to correct your bike automatically. Green
More Checkpoints Places more checkpoints on the track. Yellow
Smoother Curves Smoothens out the path curves in tracks. Yellow
Wider Path Makes the path wider and the berms higher. Yellow
Wheelie Balance Improves balancing when performing wheelies and stoppies. Green
Prevent Modifiers Prevents storm and no-path tracks. Blue
Show Compass Always show a compass point to the finish. Blue
Extra Steepness Adds more steepness to tracks. Yellow
Fewer Obstacles Encounter fewer obstacles & trees off the track. Yellow
Landing Impact Increases chances of staying on your bike when landing hard. Green
Less Curves Lowers the curvature of all tracks. Yellow
More Team Nodes Spawn an additional team node on the next world map. Blue
Speed Wobbles Decreases speed wobbles when going fast. Green
Scout Nodes Be able to scout further nodes on the world map. Blue
Pump Strength Increases intensity of pumping and counter pumping. Green
Spin Speed Allows for quicker flips & spins. Green


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