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Bikes are a feature of Descenders. To unlock all bike types, get sponsored. You will then be able to change your bike type in the Shed; there will be a prompt in the bottom left.


Originally, Descenders launched with a single bike model (but with multiple bike skins) - the downhill bike. In 2020, RageSquid developed two more bike types. The initial downhill bike was changed to an enduro bike (with the physics remaining the same), while the downhill bike was reintroduced in the 28 October, 2020 update, with its own set of physics, and along with the hardtail bike.

Bike Stats[]

Each of the 3 bikes have different physics and ratings assigned to each of its four characteristics, and are summarised in the table below.

Bike Name Type Top Speed Acceleration Agility Stability
LX20 EndTrail Enduro 5 5 4 4
TJ DH12 Downhill 7 4 4 6
Rosend DJ7 Hardtail 4 7 7 3


There are 5 types of tricks that can be done by pressing C (on keyboard), LB (on Xbox controller), L1 (on PlayStation controller), or L (on the Nintendo Switch), and then pressing the directional keys/moving the controller's right analogue stick - the directions listed indicate the direction in which to press the key/move the stick.

Type Up Up + Left/Right Left/Right Down + Left/Right Down
Enduro/Downhill No Hander Tabletop Nac Nac Can Can Superman
Hardtail Tuck No Hander Tabletop Barspin Tailwhip Superman Seatgrab

In-game bike descriptions[]


The enduro bike, lightweight materials with quality features ensure a satisfactory riding along your excursions, forget about having an issue while climbing the trails thanks to a new transmission. The ideal bike for those who really enjoy the ride.


This downhill bike was made with the aim of going beyond the limits, geometry and suspension travel ready for the toughest and most technical trails. You can reach breakneck speeds with great control and stability.


The hardtail, chosen by riders who love to get dizzy with the ease of flipping due to the calculated wheelbase. Get ready for huge airtimes to hit those combos. Without a doubt the perfect bike for skateparks and dirtjumps.


  • Each of the bike names reference a developer at RageSquid. The LX20 is a reference to Lex; the TJ is a reference to Roeltje; the Rosend is a reference to Rosie.
    • Each bike type also corresponds loosely to the respective teams of the developers, with the Enduro being the 'Arboreal' bike, the Downhill being the 'Kinetic' bike, and the Hardtail being the 'Enemy' bike.
  • All bike descriptions were written by Shampo from the Discord server.
  • The Tabletop trick is a replacement for the Candy Bar trick.