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Bike Parks are handcrafted maps in Descenders. These are special maps that have been built instead of being procedurally generated.

As console versions are not allowed to support Mods, these maps are created as a compromise. While most of them are designed in-house at RageSquid, some other user-created maps have since been officialised.

How to play

To ride a Bike Park, go to Ride, then select the Bike Parks option in the menu.

If any bike parks are marked with these symbols, they are not available on that particular version of the game:

  • Not available on Xbox - not available on the Xbox version of the game
  • Not available on PS4 - not available on the PS4 version of the game
  • Not available on Switch - not available on the Switch version of the game
  • In most cases, missing bike parks will come to their respective platforms within a few weeks; do not attempt to join the track using the seed if it is not currently on the platform.
    • In some cases, the bike park is too technically demanding for the platform; hence, some bike parks are not available on the Switch version despite already being out on other consoles.
Node Seed Designer
BikeOut 1008 Roan Albers
Mt. Rosie Not available on Switch 1009 Roan Albers
Vuurberg 1010 Roan Albers
Cambria 1011 Roan Albers
STMP Line Not available on Switch 1012 Roan Albers
BikeOut 2 1013 Roan Albers
Stoker Bike Park 1014 Spe
Dyfi Valley 1015 Roan Albers and Spe
BikeOut 3 1016 Roan Albers
New Lexico Not available on Switch 1017 Roan Albers and Spe
Alodalakes Bike Resort 1018
Descenders Island 1019 Siro
The Sanctuary 1020 KamikazzeProds
Megapark 1021 Dogtorque
Kushmuck 4X Park 1022 xXKushXx
Jump City Not available on Switch 1023 BI0S0CK
Bikeout 4 1024 Roel Ezendam and Roan Albers
Ido Bike Park 1025 Roan Albers
Rose Ridge Not available on Switch 1026 Roan Albers
Mt Slope 1027 Siro
Drylands National Park 1028 Antgrass
Dutchman's Rock Not available on Switch 1029 Roan Albers and Spe
Island Cakewalk 1030 BI0S0CK
Llangynog Freeride Not available on Switch 1031 Antgrass
Rival Falls Not available on Switch 1032 Spe


  • Any maps credited to Roan Albers, Roel Ezendam and Spe are maps designed by RageSquid.
    • This excludes Stoker Bike Park, as it was designed before Spe joined the development team.
  • A lot of Bike Parks formerly started out as Mods before becoming part of the game.
    • This includes BikeOut, BikeOut V2, Vuurberg, Cambria, STMP Line, Stoker Bike Park, Alodalakes Bike Resort, Descenders Island, The Sanctuary, Megapark, Kushmuck 4X Park, Jump City, Mt Slope, Drylands National Park, Island Cakewalk, and Llangynog Freeride (formerly known as Vision Line).
    • Idarkopf was formerly a bike park, but was removed due to potential legal issues. The mod version is still playable via the Steam version of the game.
  • Dyfi is a location in Wales.
  • Mt. Rosie's name is a reference to designer Roan Albers' online handle, while New Lexico's name is likewise a reference to programmer Lex Decrauw's name (and a wordplay on the state New Mexico).

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