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Arboreal is one of the teams in Descenders.


How about the slick, off-road stylings of Team Arboreal?


If you love going off-road and exploring the scenery instead of following the path, Arboreal is the team for you to pick.

Their team nodes always have the "Where's the path?" modifier active, meaning that there's no distinct path to the finish gate, but just a compass - and always have a rating of 7-4-0 (Steepness-Curves-Stunts).



While other teams keep their eyes on the path, we at Arboreal carve our own. We have seen you thrive outside track boundaries - you embrace freeriding in its truest sense. This is why we would like you to join the Arboreal family! Here you can progress with a team that is not just about pushing the boundaries of downhill, but living outside of them.

I hope to welcome you to Arboreal soon!

~ Lex Decrauw, Arboreal Manager

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