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The following is a list of achievements for the game Descenders.

The number of achievements differs by platform:

  • There are 34 achievements on the PC version
  • On Xbox, there are 32 achievements
  • On PS4, there are 32 trophies
  • Not available on Switch There are currently no achievements on the Nintendo Switch.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description Strategy/Notes
A True Descender.jpg A True Descender Finish a session from highlands to peaks Try to complete as many bonus objectives as possible in order to get more lives, to make your chances of surviving a whole run easier. It is reported that this only triggers if you finish your run at the Peaks instead of proceeding to the Volcano. Awards the Descenders Legendary Set upon completion.
Ain't No Scrub.jpg Ain't No Scrub Get 250.000 REP Self-explanatory. Can be quite grindy.
Carving a Path.jpg Carving a Path Get 10.000 REP Self-explanatory. Pretty easy to obtain.
Dialed in.jpg Dialed in Unlock a shortcut Each boss jump has 3 bonus objectives in total; complete them all to unlock the shortcut to the next area.
Every Axis.jpg Every Axis Land a 360 frontflip Try this on one of the boss jumps (Highlands or Canyon recommended). As you launch off the ramp, flick your directional thumbstick of your controller to the northwest or northeast position.
Flipping Heck.jpg Flipping Heck Land a double frontflip Try this on one of the boss jumps (Highlands or Canyon recommended). As you launch off the ramp, flick your directional thumbstick of your controller to the north position and hope you have enough air to frontflip twice.
Found Your Flow.jpg Found Your Flow Get 50.000 REP Self-explanatory. You'll get this relatively quickly.
Gap in the Market.jpg Gap in the Market Complete 10 mini-bosses You'll get this eventually if you consistently complete all the obstacles that look slightly different from normal. Mini-bosses will display their name in orange if you successfully complete them.
Get Some Gear.jpg Get Some Gear Unlock 10 items You'll get this eventually the more runs you do.
Getting Dizzy.jpg Getting Dizzy Land a 720 double backflip Try this on one of the boss jumps (Highlands or Canyon recommended). As you launch off the ramp, flick your directional thumbstick of your controller to the southeast or southwest position and hope you have enough air to backflip twice.
Into The Woods.jpg Into The Woods Reach the forest Self-explanatory. Just beat Highlands. Awards the Descenders Goggles upon completion.
It Begins.jpg It Begins Get sponsored by a team Randomly on the map, you will find a three-coloured node; this is the team node. Select and complete the track of the team you wish to join, do this 3 times in total at 3 different nodes, and then you will be able to join that team.
It's Getting Cluttered in Here.jpg It's Getting Cluttered in Here Unlock 25 items You'll get this eventually the more runs you do.
Made It.jpg Made It Complete boss jump in peaks Probably the hardest boss jump that you cannot skip - try to amass as many lives as possible before you reach the jump. Notably, this achievement currently only triggers if the normal boss jump (but not the fire ring variant) is completed; it is currently unclear as to whether this will be changed later on. Awards the Descenders Helmet upon completion.
Quite a Collection.jpg Quite a Collection Unlock 50 items You'll get this eventually the more runs you do.
Represent your style.jpg Represent your style Complete a team node Look for the team node on the world map. This might be tricky as you cannot tell where the team node in a zone is from a glance; you have to explore a good portion of the zone.
Show em who's Boss.jpg Show em who's Boss Survive a boss jump Obtained after beating the Highlands boss jump.
Speed Demon.jpg Speed Demon Reach 100kmh/62mph If you're desperate to get it earlier, try riding up steep hills or mountains, then turn around and charge downwards; it is very possible to get it from a hill bomb in the Highlands. Else, boss jumps requiring a lot of speed (e.g. Peaks, Volcano, and Glaciers) are all but guaranteed to get you the requisite speed.
The Final Challenge.jpg The Final Challenge Reach the peaks Self-explanatory. Just complete Canyon. Awards the Descenders Jersey upon completion.
The Golden Run.jpg The Golden Run Finish a session from highlands to peaks without bailing a single time Probably the most difficult achievement there is. You can skip the Highlands and Forest boss jumps, but you cannot skip the Canyon and Peaks boss jumps. Play the game more until you can consistently do tricks without crashing - it is easy to fail at the Peaks boss jump. Pick appropriate Crew Members like Landing Impact and Prevent Modifiers that increase your chances of survival, and above all else, play safe instead of attempting riskier tricks.
The Rampage Begins.jpg The Rampage Begins Reach the canyon Self-explanatory. If you're desperate to get the achievement sooner, you can skip the Forest boss jump. Awards the Descenders Pants upon completion.
The training was worth it.jpg The training was worth it Jump over the train You might need a few tries, but this is relatively easy - do the Highlands boss jump and time it so the train is passing underneath you when you go over the bridge.
Wipeout.jpg Wipeout Get REKT Lose all your lives. Don't try for this intentionally.
The Ring Of Fire.jpg The Ring Of FireNot available on XboxNot available on PS4 And it burns burns burns... Complete a fire node, then complete the resultant fire ring boss jump.
It's Getting Hot In Here.jpg It's Getting Hot In HereNot available on XboxNot available on PS4 Reach the volcano In a single run, complete all fire nodes from Highlands to Peaks, complete all boss jumps by going through the fire rings, and you will reach the Volcano.
Hotshot.jpg Hotshot (PC)
Don't Look Down (Xbox, PS4)
Complete the game the hard way (PC)
Complete boss jump in Volcano (Xbox, PS4)
Do a full run from Highlands to Volcano.
Go The Extra Mile.jpg Go The Extra Mile Complete all bonus worlds Self-explanatory. To 'complete' a bonus world, find it during a Career session, complete the objectives then pass through the finish gate. Only the five bonus worlds have an objective, so those are the only five worlds you'll need to complete.
Veteran.jpg Veteran Complete a sponsorship This will take you 16 days at minimum to complete. For more info, see here.
Bring A Friend.jpg Bring A Friend Finish a level together with someone else Self-explanatory. This can be quickly done in (but likely requires) a Casual Lobby - simply set one up and complete the first level.
Get The Gang Together.jpg Get The Gang Together Finish a session with 3 different crew members At minimum, this will require 9000 Rep. You will most likely require at least one of each type of crew member - Blue, Green, and Yellow. You must 'complete' a run - meaning you should end by completing the Peaks or Volcano boss jump.
You're Still Here.jpg You're Still Here? Finish the credits Self-explanatory.
What A Legend.jpg What A Legend Finish Career+ in one session Self-explanatory. Awards the Descenders Master Set upon completion.
Pull My Finger.jpg Pull My FingerNot available on PS4 Use the whoopee cushion 200 times This can be VERY grindy as the Whoopee Cushion is classed as an Extraordinary item. Once you get it, simply push down the right stick on a controller (or press A on a keyboard) 200 times.
Flying Finish.jpg Flying Finish Finish a level after bailing Either try to crash on an obstacle so you have enough momentum from the crash to cross the finish line with your rider - or press the button combination to manually bail directly before the finish. On a controller, this will be LT + RT + push down both sticks.
Descenders Master PS4.jpg Descenders Master
Not available on PCNot available on Xbox
Collect all of the trophies in Descenders. Self-explanatory. This is PS4-exclusive.


  • On the Steam version, The Ring of Fire, It's Getting Hot In Here, Hotshot, Pull My Finger, and Flying Finish are hidden before they are unlocked.